Giant Inflatable Octopus Kite
Giant Inflatable Octopus Kite

Giant Inflatable Octopus Kite

$ 115.00
  • We have a limited quantity of all colors of the 12 Foot Octopus in stock for immediate shipping !
  • Take your Octopus for a fly !
  • Inflatable Octopi are Peter Lynn's long-term best selling single-line kites.
  • "Officially licensed by Peter Lynn of New Zealand" Don't be fooled by cheap knock-offs !
  • The suckers on the long tentacles are extended for more drag & increased stability.
  • Flies best in 5 to 20 MPH wind
  • Most inflatables fly better with a lifter. That means you use another kite to provide a boost. For smaller & mid-size inflatables, don't tie the lifter line directly to the primary kite. Wind gusts or larger lifters may cause damage. Instead, anchor the lifter on one line & the inflatable on a second line from the same anchor point. Then attach the inflatable to the line of the lifter using the "lifter loop" with a snap swivel or other slider like a caribiner & let it float up the lifter-line.