"Mentor 3.5" Power Kite with Line & Control Bar
"Mentor 3.5" Power Kite with Line & Control Bar

"Mentor 3.5" Power Kite with Line & Control Bar

$ 368.00
  • What can you do with the power of the wind? The "Mentor" delivers high performance power that’s easy to control & incredibly versatile.

  • Pilot a kite buggy, a land board, a paddleboard, or just lay tracks on the beach with the soles of your feet. It’s a great intro to traction kiting without the complexity & expense of four line control.

  • With one-way air inlet valves & leading edge profile supports the wing maintains its internal pressure & 3D shape for smooth, forgiving control even in light or gusty winds.

  • 3 line control lets you instantly put the kite in reverse & back it to the ground or water for easy relaunch without a helper.

  • If you crash on water the kite will happily float while you recover. That means you can fly safely on narrow beaches where your wind window is over the water, or jump in & play with body dragging, paddle boarding or all kinds of other wet fun.

  • The 3rd line with a quick release leash also provides a simple & effective safety system. Just let go of the bar to instantly de-power if things get out of hand.

  • Comes ready to fly with everything you need (except wind): 400 lb. test/ 75 ft. Dyneema lines, control bar & safety system, compression bag, even a stainless ground stake to secure the rig when you need a break

  • Wing span: 132 inches   
  • Wind range: 4 to 25 mph