Bike Route Sacramento Board Game

Bike Route Sacramento Board Game

$ 39.99
  • For people who love bikes, games & Sacramento !

  • Plays like a variation of the game "Ticket to Ride"
  • Take a thrilling ride through Sacramento's most beautiful & iconic locations, while collaborating to connect them together & with the game.

    - A great filler or gateway game that will hit the table often.
    - The game can be taught in a few minutes & is highly thematic & accessible.
    - Bike route is a light route building game that is semi-cooperative but includes optional rules for more complexity.
    - The game has a great climax where everybody feels like they are "one turn" away from winning.

  • In the game players build bike routes around the city winning community rewards. The first player to 7 points wins.

  • For 2 to 4 players - 30 to 60 minutes play time - For ages 8 & up
  • The game includes exquisite paintings of local landmarks & locations both past, present & future.

  • This is not the Sacramento of today but a Sacramento of the imagination, with ideas that excite the spirit, from the historical past to the hopeful future.

  • Bike Route includes everything from the majestic Alhambra movie palace to the soon to be completed Powerhouse Science Center on the river. All the wonderful things that you think about when you imagine Sacramento are included.

  • Come play in the Sacramento that never was but will always exist in our hearts