Classic "Wooden Boomerang"
Classic "Wooden Boomerang"
Classic "Wooden Boomerang"

Classic "Wooden Boomerang"

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  • Experience the fun & clever ingenuity of the Australian outback with this "Wooden Boomerang"
  • Simply find yourself an open area & let the boomerang go for a spin--no need to chase after it, because it will come right back to you!
  • Throwing instructions included
  • Flight range approximately 30 yards
  • 17 inches wide  
  • Boomerangs are probably the first heavier than air flying machine ever invented by human beings.
  • In 1909 the Ngarrindjeri genius depicted on the Australian $50 note, David Unaipon, patented an invention for a rotary wing aircraft based on his study of boomerang aerodynamics.
  • The oldest Australian Aboriginal boomerangs are 10,000 years old, but older hunting sticks have been discovered in Europe, where they seem to have formed part of the stone age arsenal of weapons.
  • One boomerang that was discovered in a cave in the Carpathian Mountains in Poland was made of mammoth's tusk & is believed, based on AMS dating of objects found with it, to be about 30,000 years old.
  • King Tutankhamun, the famous Pharaoh of ancient Egypt, who died over 3,000 years ago, owned a collection of boomerangs of both the straight flying (hunting) & the returning variety