"Deck of Tricks" Magic Cards
"Deck of Tricks" Magic Cards
"Deck of Tricks" Magic Cards
"Deck of Tricks" Magic Cards

"Deck of Tricks" Magic Cards

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  • "Deck of Tricks" is a combination of a deck of cards & a magic book with a metal storage tin.
  • Every card teaches you an easy to-do magic trick. 52 cards means 52 magic tricks!
  • No experience needed! In minutes, you’ll be amazing your friends.
  • The "Deck of Tricks" was designed for ages 7 to 107.
  • Keep them in your pocket & you can perform a card magic show on the spot.
  • The "Deck of Tricks" was designed so that the tricks would be easy for all ages.
  • But not only that, we wanted a high quality product that would last. The cards are made of a heavy duty plastic instead of cheap paper. These cards are thicker & heavier than the leading brands of cards on the market. 
  • A magic trick that’s made to last!
  • As magic tricks have been passed on by magicians, friends, family members & others for many years, it is impossible to give full credit to the creator of each trick. "Deck of Tricks" would like to thank everyone that has shared a trick with us to make our products possible.
  • Please note, the "Deck of Tricks" cards or any of our products are not to be used in any form of illegal activity, deception, exploitation, or fraudulent activities of any kind. Deck of Tricks should also not be used with gambling or gaming
  • "Deck of Tricks" is not responsible or liable for any typographical errors or written discrepancies within the explanation of any of the magic tricks on the decks.