"Marvins Magic" Wicked Pranks & Jokes Set
"Marvins Magic" Wicked Pranks & Jokes Set

"Marvins Magic" Wicked Pranks & Jokes Set

$ 34.99
  • Be a cunning but funny trouble maker with this hilarious collection of mischief making jokes, seriously funny stunts & up to date pranks for the modern day joker. This collection of devilish props & a book of cheeky pranks is virtually guaranteed to cause 100 outrageous belly laughs!
  • The set includes the original selfie phone squirter, augmented reality spider tricks, fake parking ticket, bone cruncher & freaky body surprises. This prank kit will have everyone in stitches!
  • This prank set is a key piece of equipment to get your kids heads off a screen & onto learning some hilarious & interactive pranks!
  • Boys & girls will be delighted to receive this as a gift, in fact, anyone who loves to laugh will love this! 
  • These tricks use awesome contemporary phone based magic, this set is a great gift for children with a playful personality. But beware – you might be getting more parking tickets!
  • Teach you child to be kind when picking their victims, but enjoy the light-hearted fun of this task & enjoy the simple pleasure of seeing a horrified face as they prank them. Everyone will be laughing!
  • For ages 8 & up