Mix or Match Vehicles "Train"

Mix or Match Vehicles "Train"

$ 35.50
  • This set of 3 vehicles includes a Diesel Engine, a Switch Engine & a Steam Engine.

  • If one of these alone isn’t up to the job, mix them up to create the right vehicle for the job. Combine them with one another or vehicles from additional sets to start making vehicles that can do almost anything.

  • Unlock a child’s imagination & watch them play for hours on end!

  • These award winning vehicle sets quickly become a child’s favorite toy!

  • There are hundreds of vehicle combinations in each 3 piece, 3 vehicle set. All the sets in the series are interchangeable, expanding the build options.

  • Hours upon hours of smiles & creative play won’t scratch the surface of all vehicles that can be built! 

  • The magnetic locking system makes assembly a snap & easily allows you to put your vehicles together & take them apart again & again

  • For ages 3 & up