"SEQUENCE" Travel Classics Game
"SEQUENCE" Travel Classics Game

"SEQUENCE" Travel Classics Game

$ 19.99
  • It's all the fun & excitement of "SEQUENCE" in a travel version you can play anywhere you go!
  • Play a card from your hand & place a peg in a corresponding hole on the game board. When you have 5 in a row, it’s a "SEQUENCE".
  • Learn to block your opponents or remove their pegs & watch out for the Jacks - they're wild!
  • With a little strategy & a little luck, you’re a winner!
  • This compact version of "SEQUENCE" easily stores the game pieces & pegs replace the tokens, making it easy to enjoy this classic game while you travel.
  • Includes: Game case with built in game board, 50 pegs, 52 playing cards & complete instructions
  • 9.5 inches long x 6 inches wide x 2 inches tall
  • For 2 to 4 players
  • Ages 7 and up.