Wooden Puzzle: 20th Century Transport in Glass  Jar

Wooden Puzzle: 20th Century Transport in Glass Jar

$ 40.00
• Self-contained in a lidded apothecary glass jar designed for display, both before and after completion. Because an heirloom puzzle deserves a special place in your house: On your shelf with the family photos, on the coffee table as a conversation piece. • An unusual image from the Library of Congress: "People, train, automobile, trolley, and truck at the railroad station, with airplanes and ship in the background, in front of the large globe", is a chromolithograph by E.S Yate, circa 1910. • Contains 250 total pieces, including 6 custom-designed Treasure Pieces. Be on the lookout for the shaped Zeppelin and top hat shapes, available only in this puzzle. • An exclusive Crowning Achievement™ Puzzle Completion Pin is included in this puzzle. Snap this piece into place last for a final-self-pat-on-the-back. (Can you save it that long?) • 11.5" x 11.5" completed puzzle size. The Apothecary jar is 7"tall x 3.75" in diameter. The weight of the puzzle in a jar is 1.75 lbs.